Hey guys! I’m here with another blog. If you’re new here, I’m Isha and I blog about a lot of random stuff.

As I’ve said before, ‘Book Recommendations’ is a series of blog’s where I’ll suggest good book’s for you guy’s to read. It consists of brief insights about a particular book.

So, the book I chose to write about today is ‘ A Girl Like That’ by Tanaz Bhathena.

I walked into the bookstore hoping to find some good books. After roaming around I finally spotted this one on the bestselling section. I read the prologue and liked it instantly.

This book is about a girl named Zarin Wadia. In the start of the book she dies with a guy named Porus in a car accident.From there the story goes backwards and captures instances of Zarin’s life.

So this book has a point of view of people who are directly or indirectly involved in Zarin’s life. The other’s POV captures their life status. Zarin’s an Indian who moves to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, so this story is set there, with a few and important instances in India as well.

So this book basically captures her journey. She’s a rebellious teenager who isn’t interested in following the rules. Her character is very different from the other’s. While the other’s (most girls ) are founded bounded in the clutches of the society she could care less about what anybody thinks.

There are instances where the author get’s real about the struggles a women has to face. Zarin is raised up by her aunt and her uncle. Her aunt hates when she’s around guys, or when she’s not completely covered up and various other things she does much to her aunt’s annoyance.

This book showcases, how our society views women, the restrictions that she has to face, unlike her male counterparts, the injustice, the pressure put on her for marriage, how she’s not allowed to have goal’s, I can go on.

This book contains things like drug abuse, sexual harassment, etc.

I would highly recommend this book. I am pretty sure you all would love it. In this day when women are standing up for their rights and are demanding to be treated equally, this book is the best thing that showcases how the injustice against women must end immediately.

I’d rate this book a


Do give this book a read. I’m sure you’ll like and if you’re a girl or a woman I’m pretty sure you can relate to a few instances.


We come to the end of yet another blog. I hoped you liked it.

If you have read this book did you like it? Tell me about it in the comment’s.

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Aesthetically, yours.


  1. Great blog! The book sounds very interesting. I’m looking for books to read on this 8 hour flight I have coming up. Thanks for the recommendation. Peace and love sis!


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