Hey guys!

Welcome to a new blog!

So since the existence of YouTube (no,not literally) youtuber’s have been eating the Spicy Ramen Noodles challenge, and since I don’t have a YouTube channel ( nor do I plan to make one) I’ll be blogging about it today!!!

So, I never really tried this kind of a blog before so I’m pretty much excited for this one!!!

So basically first, I made the Spicy Ramen Noodles. It was quite easy, I just had to add noodles in boiling water, after sometime I had to remove all of the water and keep just 8 spoons of it, and then I had to add the Spicy sauce, and yes! I dropped all of it in !

Next came the MOST AWAITED…

Time to taste it

And to be honest, I was actually really excited to try these spicy noodles because, I’m an Indian, and our food is like REALLY SPICY , so I wanted to see how I handle the spiciness of these noodles.

So during the first few bites, I actually was saying things like, ” This is not even spicy, like people who call it spicy are crazy” and we’ll yeah, a list of all other things about how it was dumb to call this spicy.

But when I was almost finishing it I felt my lips and all of my insides burning like hell. Man! The last few bites were dreadful, I almost teared up and I waited for like fifteen minutes before I put the last bite in my mouth!

Honestly, trying these noodles were really fun, and although it was spicy, I did like it.

Would I ever try it again?


Have you guys ever tried these Spicy Noodles? Tell me about it in the comments! And if not, will you try it after reading this blog?


Hey guys!

Hope you guys liked this blog!

Will come back with another blog soon! Till then don’t forget to check the other blogs on my page!

Aesthetically, yours.I

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