Hey guys!

Welcome back to a new blog!

Today’s blog is basically a start of a new series!

This series is basically about my hometown, Mumbai! In this series, I’ll talk about living in this city, my thoughts as an insider, must visit places, my memories and soo much more!

I’m pretty excited about this series!

Today I’m gonna talk about Worli Sea Face in Mumbai. Honestly, for a lot of them, it might be just a place where you can sit by the sea, but for someone who has been living here for their whole life, it’s more than just that!

It’s a pretty good, calm place, even though you might find a lot of people around, there’s just so much peace in that.

To reach there from my place, we need to take the Worli Sea Link, which basically directly takes us to worli.

Sitting on the benches, watching the waves hit the rocks, seeing the Sun set, the different colors in the sky, the sea link standing tall, the skyline on the other side!

You can also find all kinds of people here! People coming here for an evening walk, families spending some time together, kids running around, tourists soaking up the beauty of this simple place, dogs running with their owners trying to hold them back, everybody taking photographs, vendors selling their stuff… It’s a lot at one place!

I love visiting this place from time to time and is surely one of my favourite parts in the city

During rains, it makes it just perfect. Taking a stroll with your umbrella almost flying away, driving on the sea link with rain drops falling on your car window. I remember eating pizza in the car while enjoying the rain outside!

There’s so much more I could talk about this place but there’s a whole lot of nostalgia and a bunch of other emotions which I can’t put into words! If you ever visit Mumbai, this place should be on your list! Thank me later.


So guys this was it for today’s blog

Until the next time!

6 thoughts on “MUMBAI : EPISODE 1”

  1. Sounds like a fantastic place. I’ve also had picnics in the car at the seaside while it rains heavily outside! I thought it was just something we did in the UK.
    Looking forward to reading the rest of your series.

    Liked by 1 person

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