Welcome back to another blog!

The heat in Mumbai right now is way too much, and in this season of sweating, and eating too much of ice cream, I decided to make a sunny day essential’s blog!

So firstly, the most important thing to have is a sunscreen. You SHOULD NOT leave your house without wearing one.

The second thing, is wipes, if you get sweaty, than these face wipes are a life saviour trust me!

The next thing is a bottle of water or a summer drink. Growing up I took lemonade around with me, take your favorite refreshing drink around!

A book! A book for the summer is an essential! My summers never complete without me reading a book! This should be a must!

I have to stress a lot on the importance of a good summer playlist! In such a happy weather, taking a stroll down the street soaking in the heat and listening to some happy songs is a must!

What are your sunny day essential’s? Tell me in the comments! Have a great day


This brings us to the end of the blog!

Hope it was of help! Have a great day!

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