Hi guys!

All of us are guilty of spending wayy to much time on instagram. Today I decided to share my favorite Instagrammers with you guys!


Honestly, I love Kendall Jenner’s instagram account A LOT. I love her pictures and it looks a blend of everything and also showcases her busy modelling life! Her pictures if looked at individually are pretty aesthetic!


Sofia is one of my favourite Instagrammers ! She’s a medical student at Yale and is also a fashion blogger. Apart from fashion tips she also gives a lot of study tips and that’s the kind of motivation every blogger and student needs!


This Has to be my most favorite account. This account basically belongs to Sara and Avni, they’re sister’s and they give a lot of skin care tips and I LIVE for their IGTV videos and binge watch them all the time! Also did I mention that they look LIKE REALLY AMAZINGGG! Their personal handles are @xosara and @lmaoavni !

This was the list of my favourite Instagrammers! In case you guys want to give me a follow on instagram I’m over at @snacshack where I post amazing food pictures !


Leave your instagram links in the comments and also tell me which are your top 3 favorite instagram accounts!


Hey guys!Hope to see you next time!Aesthetically, yours!

For Business Purposes, contact me on : ishavshetty@gmail.com

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