All of us have seen Gossip Girl, obsessed over Chuck or Nate, envied Blair’s life, wished for a Dorota for ourselves and wished we had enough money to spend it just like that.

After obsessing over how amazing Blair Waldorf was in the show, it also made me realize that her character definitely had a lot of flaws. She had a toxic need for being the best at everything and wouldn’t let anyone, literally, ANYONE, come in the way.

However, there were a few traits about Blair that I would like inculcate.

One is to dress the best, I mean definitely, have a good fashion sense.

The other good thing about Blair was she never settled for anything but the best. I know this proved to be really toxic at one point in the show, but it’s important to remind ourselves that we really do deserve the best and therefore, we might have to move on and leave a few things behind because we settle for the best. I obviously don’t mean sabotaging people for this or hurting people.

Another good thing about Blair was how hardworking she was. Remember how she aced her SAT’s or when she worked really hard for the fashion shows to prove her mom she is a good option for Waldorf designs ?

Last but not the least she also was very strong, like internally and she would put her point across about how disappointed she was in someone but she hardly would cry in front of anyone. There were a lot of parts in the show where she was really strong no matter how bad the situation was.

This was the end, but I hope we all have the power to awaken our inner Blair Waldorf 🙂

You know you love me,