Hey guys!

Welcome back to another blog!So last year I decided that I had to be very consistent with my blog. I was Soo hyped up.

However as time went by I saw myself procrastinating everything like before.
Once I started University I saw a sudden switch within myself. Maybe because the subjects you choose in uni are the ones you genuinely like and that’s why you just love doing it, it doesn’t feel like a task anymore. It feels like something you should be doing, naturally. That just invoked me in getting my life together.

I HAD to be more consistent in my blogs. It made me realize, that anything that you want to achieve in life, you have to get hold of yourself, most importantly, get hold of your mind.

Your mind is such a great tool we have as humans.

However we let it control ourselves most of the time even though it SHOULD be the other way around.I have always been a rebel, I will do what I want to do at the end of the day, even if I ask for advice from about 7489374847 people.

A lot of us are like that. Till you aren’t convinced about a particular thing you still have doubts. Even if you’re working on the advice given, you still have doubts and you don’t do the work whole heartedly.For this, you need to remind yourself, constantly, why you must complete a particular thing.


Why should you do that laundry?

Why should you complete the presentation due next week?

Why should you study for the test due in two months?

Once you have a convinced answer for all the why’s that’s enough to push yourself to complete the work.

Maybe if you do the laundry, you’ll have extra time and can maybe go out with your friends.

If you complete the presentation next week it will save yourself from the hassle of doing it a night before.

If you study for the test due in two months, of course, you’ll have achieved an A grade.

So get hold of yourself and your mind. Ask all your why’s and answer them. It’s gonna benefit you. It’s for you at the end of the day!

Hope you liked this blog. More on ‘The Way Up’ coming out very soon. Stay tuned and get hold of yourself for the way up ๐Ÿงก

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