Exam season can really get on your nerves, sometimes ( and by that I mean all the time).

With so much of pressure, it is very important for us to also focus on self care during exams.

Therefore, in this blog post I’ve included some tips that will help you relax and take a moment for yourself during exams.

  • Eat Healthy. I cannot stress on how important this is. I get real strong junk food cravings but always go for healthy options. Quickly cook something at home that will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also be a very healthy option.
  • Exercise. You might miss the gym but go for a swim or cycling,it’s honestly very relaxing and will freshen you up.
  • Apply face masks or go for a bubble bath.
  • Meet friends or call them up.
  • Watch a movie or blast your favorite songs on the speaker!

Hope these tips help you!

All love ❀️