Hey guys, in today’s blog I’ll be listing down a few Netflix shows that I think is a must watch!

So obviously, i F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a show that everyone swears by! This show deserves all the hype and therefore I had to mention it in this list.

The next show will definitely be Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I am still halfway through the show but I’m loving it, it’s definitely something light and a must watch!

Another show is Dynasty, which I feel is very underrated. Its a remake of the 80’s show. I really want to be a part of the Carrington family and be as bad ass as Fallon Carrington is!

The next show would be Gossip Girl. If you love a good throwback and you want to go back and relive your 2007’s then this show is a must watch. It’s definitely gonna bring back a lot of memories like it did for me. I really love how good every actor portrayed their characters.

Elite is another series I would recommend. It basically involves around a bunch of teenagers and a muder plot. This show has a good bunch of actors and some good twists and turns in the plot!

Do try watching these shows and tell me in the comments if you like them or not!!!


* I don’t own any of these pictures*