We ended the decade, and another set of 365 days, and yes every other blog post you see right now, is all about New Year Resolutions, and yes you’re right, it’s one of those 😊

I have a few resolutions that I made this year.

First of all, I have to prioritize my health over everything, I have to cut down junk and exercise well.

Secondly, I have to take up additional classes so that I keep myself completely busy.

I also want to focus on releasing a lot of blogs this year, I released a considerable amount last year, but this year I want to be more dedicated and also work on increasing my views here.

I also want to cut down on my screen time 😩 I’ll keep a time limit for myself so that I can make sure I don’t extend that.

For my mental health, I have started with yoga classes which focus on meditation as well.

List down your resolutions in the comments! What are your priorities this year ?


This was scheduled to release last week but I some how forgot!

Until the next time,

Isha 🌸