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I’m here with yet another blog. If you’re new here, I’m Isha and I blog about a lot of random stuff.

So today is the kick-start of the series ‘ THE MUSICAL EDIT. ‘ In these blog’s I’ll list my favourite song’s. The list might consist of the oldest songs to the newest one’s, the most clichéd song’s to song’s you might have never heard of. So let’s gooooo

Nice For What


Very cliché, I know, but I just love the song.

The Light Is Coming

Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj

A single from Ariana’s new album. Not a lot of em liked this but I find it very catchy.

I Don’t Die

Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown

Worth a listen.

HeartBreak On A Full Moon

Chris Brown

A slow song, good music, love it.

Girls Like You

Maroon 5

Amazing song and the video too is worth a watch ❤


Maroon 5

Its been long since this song came out, I still love listening to it.

With You

Chris Brown

I have friend’s who haven’t listened to this song as yet and I always tell them that they are probably living under a rock. Its been YEARS since this song came out, but we still love it!

Put You Down (PYD)

Justin Bieber ft. R Kelly

A slow song, with amazing beat’s from Justin’s most underrated album ‘ Journals’. Listen to this song on full volume.

The Hills

The weekend

Pretty cliché, but if you haven’t listened to it then what are you waiting for??!!!


Selena Gomez

Its a song from her Stars Dance album and let’s be honest, its SO UNDERRATED! This song will always be special to me.


So this brings us to the end of the blog. This is pretty much how ‘ THE MUSICAL EDIT ‘ series is going to be like. For more, stay tuned.

Which song among these are your favorite? Let me know in the comment’s.

See you until the next time.

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Hey Guyssssss

*says it in the same monotonous tone*

After thinking about what my next blog should be about all night,I finally came up with one.

I recently went to the North- East area of India and I came up with reason’s why it is a must visit place among the other place’s in India.

So if you are an Indian or you live in some other part of the world and you’re planning for your next trip then this is an ideal place.

I feel north-east is literally the most underrated part in India. Also, if you are someone living in a city than I think this is the perfect place, if you want a green and peaceful escape.

So before I start I’d thank for sharing a few of her picture’s with me!


North-East will probably have the most number of scenic spots in India. It’s completely mesmerizing. If you go to the north-east, most of the areas which your guide will tell you to visit would probably be a lot of lake’s, and places at a higher sea level, and I’ll tell you that its an experience you’ll never forget.

You’ll get to go to a lot of peaceful place’s and you can relax. You’ll get to see a lot of tea plantations, quaint, old but very cute homes.

Also, if you’re the ‘doing it for the gram’ kind of a person, then let me tell you, you’ll get enough aesthetic pictures and a lot of amazing spots for good photos.

In North-East some of the place’s are commercialised, but a lot of them aren’t. In such a case there’s not much of tampering with the good scenic locations.


The north-east comprises of seven states and the weather is generally different according to the time you visit there.


You’ll find the best kind of people in the North-East. They are very straightforward and kind- hearted kind of people. They would also be ready to help whenever you want. I encountered one of the best set of people here. No creeps, no nothing.

Also, the people here have one of the best dressing sense. They are very much updated about the latest fashion.


The food in North-East is again amazing. Momo’s are very famous here. Most of your dishes here would comprise of rice item’s and noodles. You’d also find Indian dishes from other part’s of the country.

It’ll also include food from neighboring states of India like Tibet, Nepal, China, etc.

Before you go there I suggest you guys check about the best restaurants in the place.


While there are a lot of top end restaurants in the north east, home stay is very much prevelant and you can consider that as well.


So, in the North-East you can find a variety of products for people for literally every age group.

Jackets :

You’ll find a lot of amazing jackets here, including leather jackets. However, you have to be very alert while buying these as there are shopkeeper’s who might lie about the fabric of the jacket.

Casual’s :

As I told, you’ll find people with the best dressing sense, therefore you can find a lot of shops from where you can buy Lot’s of casual clothes.


North-east boast’s of a large number of tea plantation’s. So yeah, you’ll find some good tea over here.

Wood carvings :

You’ll find a large number of brass item’s and a lot of wood carvings,etc.


You’ll find a few handloom exhibition’s They’ll have clothes,soft toys all made from handloom.

Like this little cute soft toy I bought.


You’d get a lot of pretty artifact’s here!


Most of the region’s are situated on a hilly terrain, it has a vast expanse of forest land.


So this marks the end of yet another blog.

Have you ever been to the North-East? Have you been to any other part of India? Tell me about your experience in the comment’s. Also, don’t forget to like and follow !

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Hey Guy’s

I’m back with another blog today!

Well, its been an okay-ish week, I can’t wait to get out of high school.

So anyway I’m pretty excited about this week’s blog !

So Guy’s, this is the day and age of ‘ doing it for the gram.’ Social media gives people brief insights about one’s life, and although you can’t decipher much about a person from social media, it’s still such an important part of our lives.

I’m not going to divulge into any more details about all of that right now. Today I’ll be helping you Guy’s on how to get an aesthetic feed on Instagram.

Since I’m a kind of person who loves everything aesthetic (blog name reference) I’m gonna discuss the various steps to get a good, aesthetic feed.

Decide :

First of all you need to decide on what kind of a feed do you want. When I decided on one theme then I would see someone else’s feed and then I wanted a feed like that. Avoid doing that as it could get all confusing. Therefore choose a particular theme and stick to that. You could come up with your own idea’s or refer theme’s of other’s whom you follow or some celebrity ( Eg- Liza Koshy) or some random people for some good theme idea’s. You could choose from dark or light theme, theme of a particular filter, a particular colour, etc.

Instagram : @lizakoshy

Instagram : @nowillter

Instagram : @willdarbyshire

Picture’s :

Now, we need to understand that when we talk about ‘aesthetic’ we need our pictures to be a bit on the lines of tumblr. Also, don’t post picture’s of only yourself, put pictures of other thing’s like a good scenery, a picture of the sun setting, a picture of food, etc. to make it a little more aesthetic and interesting and a little less monotonous. Now, everybody is good at clicking tumblr pictures, so just google or look for some good picture’s on social media, save those picture’s and try to recreate them.

For example here’s a picture that I tried to recreate

This is the original picture :

This is the one I recreated :

Remember, that you can always add your own touch to it and do it a little differently while recreating it.

Also, don’t use other’s picture’s, its always easy to screenshot and post those picture’s, but it’s of no use and well, people can easily make out if it’s yours or not.

If you’re following a trend of a certain kind of picture’s, then do it differently.

For example, If people are taking pictures with a bunch of rose’s, and if you wish to do the same thing, do it differently, probably with a different pose, background, a different outfit, anything creative that you could think of.

For example –

Trend :

Recreated :

Editing :

Next step is to edit your picture’s. Now if you’re maintaining a dark feed then edit your pictures accordingly.

For eg –


For a dark theme :

For a light theme :

( This makes me realise how bad I am at editing pics ugh)

If you’re choosing a particular filter than edit all your pics with the same kind of filter.

Example :

For more editing tip’s, check out the blog by

VSCO and Snapseed are some editing apps that I prefer using.

Organising :

The last step is to organise your feed. For that, apps available include Preview and Feed Master. You can check for various other apps too but make sure that they’re safe.

Some other theme ideas :

Instagram I’d : @khushiii__g

Instagram I’d : @sakshikulkarni_

Instagram I’d : @gargiborah_

Instagram I’d : @foryoursoulblogs

Instagram I’d : @ria.hamirwasia

My Instagram id :



Hope this blog was of help. I penned down whatever worked for me. I would love to know what y’all do to maintain a good feed, so do comment.

All love.

Aesthetically, yours.


Hey guys! I’m here with another blog. If you’re new here, I’m Isha and I blog about a lot of random stuff.

As I’ve said before, ‘Book Recommendations’ is a series of blog’s where I’ll suggest good book’s for you guy’s to read. It consists of brief insights about a particular book.

So, the book I chose to write about today is ‘ A Girl Like That’ by Tanaz Bhathena.

I walked into the bookstore hoping to find some good books. After roaming around I finally spotted this one on the bestselling section. I read the prologue and liked it instantly.

This book is about a girl named Zarin Wadia. In the start of the book she dies with a guy named Porus in a car accident.From there the story goes backwards and captures instances of Zarin’s life.

So this book has a point of view of people who are directly or indirectly involved in Zarin’s life. The other’s POV captures their life status. Zarin’s an Indian who moves to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, so this story is set there, with a few and important instances in India as well.

So this book basically captures her journey. She’s a rebellious teenager who isn’t interested in following the rules. Her character is very different from the other’s. While the other’s (most girls ) are founded bounded in the clutches of the society she could care less about what anybody thinks.

There are instances where the author get’s real about the struggles a women has to face. Zarin is raised up by her aunt and her uncle. Her aunt hates when she’s around guys, or when she’s not completely covered up and various other things she does much to her aunt’s annoyance.

This book showcases, how our society views women, the restrictions that she has to face, unlike her male counterparts, the injustice, the pressure put on her for marriage, how she’s not allowed to have goal’s, I can go on.

This book contains things like drug abuse, sexual harassment, etc.

I would highly recommend this book. I am pretty sure you all would love it. In this day when women are standing up for their rights and are demanding to be treated equally, this book is the best thing that showcases how the injustice against women must end immediately.

I’d rate this book a


Do give this book a read. I’m sure you’ll like and if you’re a girl or a woman I’m pretty sure you can relate to a few instances.


We come to the end of yet another blog. I hoped you liked it.

If you have read this book did you like it? Tell me about it in the comment’s.

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Hey guyssss!

I’m back with another blog. So yeah, I’m as meh as possible cause I have started with school and I have loads of work to catch up on.

So anyway, today I decided to write down a blog after putting all of the procrastination aside.

I’d been toShyakhy Gumpa ‘ a monestry in the Indian state of West Bengal. It was situated in a place called Kalimpong.

The monestry was absolutely pleasant. The first sight was of a few children playing cricket. They had completely the day’s lesson and were enjoying a little recreation.

We reached the entrance to find a big veranda. It had an office on the side and some monks were seated inside. The veranda was decorated by small plants set in circles. There were a few kids running around. After taking a few steps ahead, the lower consisted portion of another small veranda where a few kids were playing badminton. The building consisted of rooms for children.

After that we had to climb two floors to come to a huge room which had a huge statue of Lord Buddha. It was so beautifully decorated ! Thanks God photography was allowed. The room had seats where the kids would study in the morning’s. The room was spick and span.

On the first floor, there was a huge room which was the dining area for all the students and their teacher’s.

These kid’s have left their families and had come here to study their faith. Although it didn’t take a lot of time to see the whole place the experience was surreal.

On the way back, I found a little boy who waved, I stopped and asked to take a picture of him. At first he showed the peace sign, but finally settled for a cute little smile .

A few more pictures –


The second monestry was in Gangtok, in the Indian state of Sikkim.

As we entered the monestry it was a long strech till the main building. The main building had an idol of Lord Buddha, a few monks were seated there and were playing the drum’s. Inside, it was amazing with intricate design’s on the wall’s. Photography however wasn’t allowed.

There was a lot of construction happening around to expand the premise’s of the monestry. Behind the main building was the building which had room’s for all the students.

On the other side was the office building. All the buildings were of the same design and were equally beautiful.

If you ever get a chance to go to any monestry around you, then do visit them. It’s always fun to have a little insight in the lives of other’s who live it a little differently then us.



This brings us to the end of the blog.

I have also decided to start a new series of blog’s called ‘ Movie Marathon’ where I’ll talk about good movies to watch. It could be the most cliché movies to the one’s you might have never heard of. So stay tuned and follow this blog for more.

Aesthetically, yours.


Hello guys

As promised I’m back with another blog. So before I start, I heard Yanny and that’s that.

Today i’m going to discuss about How to go about during concert’s. This won’t be the most professional blog, but hope you go with something after the end of the blog.

So I was trying so hard to come up with a blog and I realised that so many singer’s have released their album’s and are starting or already have started out with their tour’s ( and we’re also waiting for JB5 too 😉) so this gave me an idea to come up with this blog. If this is your first concert or 18380872th or if it has been a long time since you went to one,here are a few things that might help you.


Choose your outfit according to the weather of the place where the concert will be held. If you’re travelling somewhere else for the concert, research about the weather of the place beforehand. Don’t opt for something that will make you uncomfortable throughout the concert. In my case, I opt for something light like probably a crop top and a high waste jeans or a mini skirt as it is can get extremely hot here.


If it’s too hot at the concert venue, then obviously you’ll sweat like crazy, thus spoiling your make-up. Therefore opt for something waterproof and minimal. Nude looks work best. If the weather is cold make sure you moisture well, before applying any make-up.


When I was going to the concert, I opted for heel’s that’s because I’m always comfortable in them. Remember,that you might have to walk a few distance, and then stand throughout. So, choose something which is pretty comfy, you surely don’t want to wake up with a very bad leg ache the next day.


When you go to the concert make sure you have decided what transport you are going to use to go to the venue and also have a back-up. Also, don’t forget that thousands of people leave the venue at the same time. When I went to the concert, my dad came to pick me up, there were so many car’s, leaving at the same time, which caused a traffic jam and there was a network problem so contacting my dad was utterly difficult. On the other hand, everybody were booking for cabs all the time, trust me, it was a mess.


Make sure you drink enough of water during the concert, or else you’ll end up getting dehydrated.


I get it, the thrill of seeing you idol live is an experience an itself. In this whole excitement, you might forget to eat right. You surely don’t want to end up passing out.


In any concert, essentials are money and obviously your concert ticket’s. Make sure you don’t carry them loose and carry a proper bag. Opt for a sling bag as it won’t get annoying.


In all of the excitement, you might forget to take your medicines. If you’re on any kind of medication, don’t forget to carry them and take them on time.


Now, chances are that when you go to the concert and take videos and pictures, your phone might, need charging again. If you go to the concert with a group, use only one or two phone’s, specifically for videos and photos. Keep the others to make important phone calls. Carrying a power bank may or may not help, another option is to carry a spare phone.

So this brings us to the end of this blog, don’t forget to have a great time.


All love.


Hey guys!

So I’m back with another blog.

So basically, book recommendations is a series of blog’s where I’ll recommend good books, and give a brief insight about it. This is not a back- to- back series, I’ll come with up with these blogs randomly.

Starting with this series,the first book I have chosen is ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur.

Not forgetting to mention that it was the #1 New York Time’s Best Seller.


the arms

that hold me ‘


my heat woke me crying last night

how can I help I begged

my heart said

write the book’

These are small poems written at the start of the book,giving brief insights about how the poems are written.

The contents consists of

the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing.

This book consists of soulful poems with deep meanings.

Every poem touches a topic and a beautiful poem is woven out of it.One of my favourite part’s in this book, is how rupi has touched the taboo topics and that too so beautifully.

Every poem embrace’s humanly feelings.

Every poem touches your soul.

And every poem will possibly make you wonder how a human can pen down such difficult emotions with such ease.

prologue goes something like this :

this is the journey of

surviving through poetry

this is the blood, sweat ,tears

of twenty – one years

this is my heart

in your hands

this is

the hurting

the loving

the breaking

the healing “

Apart from the poem’s, the book is designed, so aesthetically.

I have surely added Milk and Honey to my list of favourite books.

Do give this book a read, and if you’re someone who loves reading poems then go for it,its definitely worth.

Also you can use this book to get aesthetic photos for the gram 😉


Hope you guys liked it 😊

More book recommendations and blogs your way


Aesthetically, yours.